the point of view of a woman to have the right dress

July 28, 2011 – It seems that it is not just a cliché: a survey reported by the Daily Mail and conducted in 3000 British reveals that women fill the suitcase of useless clothes, inserting twice as many as they really will use.

The study calculated that the sample of women examined white cocktail dresses with feathers, for a trip of 15 days, on average packs 44 clothes and uses just over half (61% of those put in the suitcase). In particular, the average suitcase consists of 18 tops, 12 pairs of skirts or trousers and 6 bikinis. As for shoes, the average is 8 pairs evening dresses for plus size, but a quarter of the women interviewed also find a way to pack 10 pairs into their suitcase, only to use only half of them.
Not only that: it seems that women employ an average of 4 hours of time to pack and one in ten even confesses to spend 12 hours or more to perform this operation, which they also hate. A quarter of them test great stress in doing it and a fifth states that he feels less nervous by a hard day’s work than by the burden of packing.

The psychologist Cary Copper of the University of Lancaster, according to the Daily Mail, finds an explanation of all this in the habit of women to plan a look for every situation. A dinner as we know is not a simple dinner, but it could be casual, elegant, informal but chic, etc.: therefore for every type of event it will be better, according to the point of view of a woman, to have the right dress.
Many women traveling finally, according to the psychologist mentioned, regardless of the stock of clothes available in the suitcase will often take the opportunity to buy some other dress even just as a souvenir: apparently, in fact, seems to be one of their favorite souvenirs.

through gritty choices even with respect to the dress

And the Chamber of Fashion? The Made in Italy is defended to the bitter end with the insertion of specific certifications …
EP: We must defend our product, protect the creativity and the realities of our country, preserve this tradition. Above all the sartorial one.
Now his ‘headquarters’ is in Oleggio, but boasts and defends a tailor founded and raised in Putignano, a city that is historically linked to the packaging of wedding dresses. EP: Yes, my sister and I have a workshop in Putignano, in the province of Bari, and we have fought to defend the tradition of these places and women who have transmitted the same dexterity in embroidery, cutting and packaging, notes everywhere.

This defense of Made in Italy combines a preference for unusual tones on the creative side. She is also known as the designer of color, also present in the pre-collection 2015. Her red cardinal proved to be impacting, as was her intentions.

EP: The bride who loves color is always there, but every woman has an individuality that must be respected and expressed through gritty choices even with respect to the dress. What is certain is that, then, the color must be declined in a manner consistent with every single wedding: it depends on the reception, the types of choices that are made. There is the bride who wants to dare more, who intends to deviate from the obvious and is more modern. In my collections color is always there, but it is used inspired by an ideal of elegance red and white wedding dresses, in a soft, very chic way, keeping intact the class that must dominate the image of the bride on the wedding day.
But Letizia is like that. She never wears precious, not even the diadem that Felipe gave her on the occasion of their fifth wedding anniversary. The Ortiz loves to show off only two tiny points of light to the ears, diamond clips designed by Coco Chanel in 1932, which the house has given her for the birth of the first born Leonor, future heir to the throne unless a little brother arrives.

a blue fairy version Paola Ferrari with a bucolic little dress

Everything took place on Saturday, May 16th in a church in Via Veneto, in the heart of Rome, according to the official Ilary Blasi fan club. No paparazzi or indiscreet reporter was present at the ceremony, even if some photos were taken thanks to the forum dedicated to the presenter.
Ilary was very elegant with a long sage dress and a gold belt around her waist. Her hair gathered in a disheveled braid and golden circles lobes. The bomber of Rome wore a blue suit, like little Cristian, 9 years old. While Chanel, 8, sported a white dress evening dresses, flounced, just as tradition dictates.

After the religious service and the ritual shots, where Ilary, a very sweet mother, is visibly happy for her two little ones, a big party with relatives and friends. Or rather, a double party, given that there were two celebrants in a restaurant on Laurentina.

A day, therefore, full of joy that the children, but also parents, will remember with joy. Although now the eyes are on another challenging ceremony that sees as protagonists directly Totti and Blasi who has just turned 34 years: their second marriage. And this time to bring the rings will be Cristian and Chanel.

Then there were the Italians, few and not exactly brilliant to tell the truth. Margherita Buy, Serani in Armani Privé, Santanché accompanied by Sallusti in a blue fairy version, Paola Ferrari with a bucolic little dress, Ornella Muti always beautiful but with an outfit worthy of a Carina. In short, not really promoted …
Sophie Marceau flaunted sophisticated outfits but she was hit by several sexy incidents and Marion Cotillard leaves Dior at home and so misses her look. Then there are the supermodels, Irina Shayk, Adriana Lima, Kendall Jenner & Co. who can afford everything, including daring necklines, inguinal slits and mischievous transparencies.
One thing is certain, glamor does not lack at the Cannes Film Festival. We have compiled a report card for the stars that showed off on the red carpet and during the presentations of the films, now it’s up to you: give your vote to the set that you liked the most.

We would have shot seven or eight different hairdressers

I would therefore like to deny this rumor that is circulating with insistence, breaking for a moment the confidentiality that I have held over the years. Monica has been living in Rome at home and she is assiduously assisted by me, with the help of a caregiver. I hope I have clarified the misunderstanding.

Monica Vitti is also a myth for her colleagues. The great actress Vanessa Redgrave confessed: “I wanted to be like Monica Vitti”. The British star refers to when she worked with Michelangelo Antonioni, long-time companion of Vitti, in Blow-up: “My God, I will have a role like Monica Vitti !. She is an actress ‘excellent’: I loved her mermaid style wedding dress, I wanted to be like her, and also blonde like her … but I had nothing in Monica! My hopes were in fact futile, and Michelangelo said he wanted me with black hair and white stripes. We would have shot seven or eight different hairdressers, but in the whole of London nobody really understood what Michelangelo wanted. ”

Monica Vitti did not have an easy life. Misunderstood by the family, her childhood was sad. That’s why she started acting black and white bridesmaid dresses under 100, as she confessed in one of her books: I’m an actress not to die. “When I had almost decided to stop living at the age of 14, I realized that I could do it, just keep on pretending to be another, making me laugh as much as possible”. Of course, then success and recognition has had many. But in maturity it has not managed to enjoy honor and fame, as it has for years been fighting a degenerative disease, similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

Monica Vitti is the example of a real woman (see the photo gallery) who has never needed plastic surgery to establish herself as an icon of beauty and style. Several times he said that the producers wanted to make her nose down, a real nightmare, but in the end she won. Not only that, because she managed not to be touched up, but above all she showed that to be sexy, it is enough to have charisma.

a long dress or even with a pair of trousers with a masculine

Yes, they have ears. Yes, just the ears of Minnie, the Mickey of Disney comics. And yes, they’ll make you fall in love: Oscar Tiye’s Minnie sandals have become literally a fashion craze!
This Italian brand founded by the beautiful Amina Muaddi has already conquered the Hollywood jet set: Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Hailee Steinfeld and Heidi Klum among others have been seen with the masterpieces of this brand at their feet.
All their creations have a golden scarab applied under the sole: a lucky charm that every woman can carry with her. Moreover, their quality is guaranteed by Made in Italy: their shoes are made on the Riviera del Brenta, the Veneto district of footwear.

When I saw them I was speechless: they are beautiful! Witty, declined in a thousand colors, glitter, jeans … there is something for everyone!

But … what to put them on? They are shoes with a high heel, so they should be used a bit like the classic black décolleté, but with more verve. You can wear them with cropped jeans, with a long dress or even with a pair of trousers with a masculine cut: if you choose them colored, to give them all the prominence they deserve, make sure that they are the only colored element of all your look, for example: total black outfit and Minnie red sandals, or in golden glitter. If you love denim, choose jeans and wear them with a pair of men’s chinos and a simple white shirt: you’ll be perfect!

Espadrilles with clothes
Personally this is my favorite combination where to buy mother of the bride dress, not to mention that the light dresses are one of the inevitable items for the summer. Espadrilles I like especially with knee-length broderie dresses, especially if they are white. I find that, combined with a straw bag cheap plus size dresses for wedding guests, they do just summer!