the table and then to the centerpiece but also the wedding favors

the materials that are most suitable for containing fruit are small wooden fruit-style drawers or wicker baskets, ideal for simple and slightly rustic weddings;
the field flowers, lavender, daisies or small bouquets of peonies, lend themselves to perfection to add a touch of flower to the centerpiece;

to create an atmosphere you can dig an orange, insert a tealight candle inside and decorate it with a row of cloves. You will leave all of stucco;

you can make compositions to eat in the true sense of the word simple lace wedding dresses, just cut the fruit into small pieces so that guests can taste it during the banquet. Attention to the oxidation factor;

communicate to the catering the type of fruit you have chosen so that it can structure a thematic menu pink lace cocktail dress, emphasizing these varieties also in the mise en place of the dishes and, obviously, in the decoration of the wedding cake.

As you could see the ideas are many and are available to everyone; there is no better or worse time for this creative choice but remember to create a common thread with other decorative elements and not: wedding place cards and the tableau de mariage in the first place as they are the most obvious reference to the table and then to the centerpiece but also the wedding favors: what would you say for example a design fruit bowl or a prized recipe book with the thousand uses of fruit in the kitchen?
Pros and cons of this choice
Replacing flower bouquets with fruit can be a good idea considering the thousands of allergies in the spring that could annoy your guests at the table. You will have so many fruits available that you can set up each table with a specific variety; pay attention to the temperature: the fruit oxidizes easily and in summer it could undergo a few changes due to heat and heat.

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