you in choosing the location of the wedding or hairdresser

It went: you did it! Your families finally know each other and the worst is over. Maybe. Now you just have to complete the work with a nonchalant “mom, I’m getting married!”. Quiet, certainly your parents will suspect that soon will have to accompany you to choose the bridal bouquet and support you in choosing the location of the wedding or hairdresser who knows how to make the best wedding hairstyle … never underestimate their perspicacity!

If possible, we suggest that you invite your families to the city where you live, or to a place halfway between all the residences. It will be a kind of family outing, a breath of fresh air that causes the lives to break off from the usual routine, which opens minds and hearts. Before delivering wedding invitations, let them have time to get to know each other on special days like these.
For those who will marry according to the Catholic rite, know that many of these issues will be addressed during the premarital course. This will be the right opportunity to compare yourself with other couples, measuring your concerns and exposing your doubts. Moreover, thanks to the help of expert psychologists and sociologists of a couple, you will learn to rediscover your feeling in the most beautiful phrases of love as well as learn the true meaning of the sentences for marriage that you will pronounce at the altar.
Of course, as any feeling is nurtured and enriched with attention, then treat yourself to tête-à-tête evenings, post-it with romantic phrases, unexpected getaways and weekend of love … but, on the other hand stylish evening dresses, learn to find the beauty of your feeling in complicity and in small things: in an evening at home in front of the couch or in a dinner prepared together. In short, when you have the feeling that everything is flattening, invent something surprising.

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