the wedding thread or the colorful wedding dress of her

If women have at their disposal a wide range of accessories to match with their wedding dresses, to show off trendy wedding looks at the height of the big day that will see them protagonists, the couple do not want to be less, indeed in 2018 according to fashion they will become even more protagonists! It’s no longer enough for men’s formal wear, ties and watches, the 2018 groom wants more! So, not only do you switch from classic wedding shoes to colored sneakers … Let’s see what are the 6 trendy accessories for the groom of 2018.
1. Colorful socks for young married couples

Men attentive to the latest trends know that the sock has become “that touch of fashion” for men’s outfits, as an inevitable consequence of what is the fashion of the last few years that wants pants shorter and shorter at the bottom (the so-called “cigarette” “) that leave visible the ankle … So the right choice of the sock becomes a must (it is no longer worth” so much is not seen “) and it also becomes for the younger spouses pale pink dresses cocktail, who choose to give a touch of personality to their look, preferring the classic men’s socks of colorful or patterned, striped, polka-dot or checked socks!

Warning! It is not worth choosing casual socks or any color, they must be strictly combined with the color of the wedding thread (if provided) or the colorful wedding dress of her, or even other colorful details of your wedding looks.
2. Fantasy bow tie for the original groom
In a style wedding, the groom wears a bow tie! Suitable for both tuxed and tuxedos shoes for blue cocktail dress, the bow tie seems to be just the accessory favored by newlyweds in recent years thanks to its versatility and endless proposals.

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