They will be the ones who have opened a wedding list

One of your colleagues gets married? Or maybe your boss? Do not panic: whether you have received the wedding, or if you are not on the list, there are several ways to find the perfect gift. Squeeze your wits as soon as you see the wedding invitations circulating or when the announcement is made: with a few tricks you will find the gift and the wedding phrases for the most suitable ticket.
No participation … no gift?
If you are not on the guest list, you can decide whether to give a little thought of good luck to your colleague. Choose something not too big or expensive, so as not to embarrass it. Also, first, investigate in the office and try to figure out if some “uninvited” want to join: if no one can join you can buy yourself the gift you believe and maybe try to organize a small exit to deliver it in peace.
If instead you think about making a group gift, pick up a small amount “suitable for everyone”, finally deliver the gift to the office all together prom dress website, maybe during a break and with a little celebration. Do not forget to attach a nice goliardic ticket with funny wedding phrases and curious anecdotes.

Money or cadeau? How to find the perfect gift

The perfect gift is suggested by the spouses. They will be the ones who have opened a wedding list, or specifically ask to contribute to their honeymoon. If the couple decides not to give directions on the gift blue bridesmaid dress, consider that an envelope with money is always much appreciated. So, set an equal amount for everyone and pay it.

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