To regret not having opted for do-it-yourself wedding place

You have already used a large part of your dining room setup budget to buy great wedding place cards, but now you do not want to miss out on centerpieces for you and your guests. To regret not having opted for do-it-yourself wedding place cards will not do any good, rather follow our simple tricks: you will see that not only will you be able to create original compositions for the banquet, but resources will also advance for wedding favors.

Beautiful and cheap flowers

Flowers are a decorative element that can not miss your wedding, but you must be careful about the choices you make in this regard. For starters, always opt for seasonal flowers available in your area, so you do not have to request the import.
Secondly, try to evaluate the cheapest flowers, for example a bunch of carnations is the least expensive alternative to the bouquet of peonies, to which they look a lot. In addition, the so-called “green” is really cheap, in addition to being very fashionable lately: you can also choose to use it not only to create volume, but just as a protagonist of glass jars that you have prepared at centerpieces … you will be amazed by the result.

Hurray the used!
We bet that if you ask friends and relatives to help you empty their cellar, will they open their doors in a flash? There are so many things that we accumulate at home, in the garage or under the stairs … why not try to recover some of them? You could find frames light pink bridesmaids dresses, jars, baskets classy evening dresses, lanterns or even just a little yellowed paper sheets where you can write romantic phrases to use as vintage centerpieces … very effective and absolutely cheap!

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