the simplest bridesmaid dress and give it that little bit

Mantle or stole
For church or evening, something will be needed to cover and warm you up. The bridesmaids can opt for a coordinated accessory, which protects them from humidity and cold, but at the same time has a certain style. Better that you choose all together if you opt for a jacket, a shrug or a stole: what covers the shoulders becomes an integral part of the dress; in addition to completing the outfit is necessary that it is really suitable for the season, to face the different temperatures that you will encounter during the long wedding day that can end even late at night.

Jewels for all
Choose a necklace, a bracelet, earrings or the glitter of a precious accessory to complete the combinations. If not all the bridesmaids have high budgets available, you can also prefer a good type of costume jewelry cheap dresses for special occasions, which is still well done and effective. For the bridesmaids it will be an excellent opportunity to go shopping together turkish blue bridesmaid dresses, choosing matching or even similar jewels and buying coordinated items without problems of economic resources.
The corsage

Did you think about it? A floral accessory, in accordance with the bride’s flower bouquet, may be the way you were looking for to decorate even the simplest bridesmaid dress and give it that little bit of sought-after. Do you feel a bit ‘at the prom, a college in the United States? So why not adopt a fresh and unusual corsage, the typical floral bracelet from overseas?

Handbag or clutch
You will find yourself helping the bride to hold the bouquet of peonies or having to bring with you the lipstick for a quick retouch of the do-it-yourself wedding makeup. The ideal for you bridesmaids, would be with you a clutch, a small bag or a clutch, where you can store everything comfortably … always with style, however!

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